Linear Erbium Doped Amplifier (EDFA)

Amonics’ specialist products, Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers(EDFA), are made with high power pump laser and high stability pump combiners, robust in high power boosting. The result are EDFAs that possess high output power, linear gain with very low noise, and are ideal for high power EDFA applications. The turnkey microprocessor controlled benchtop EDFAs manage alarms and status indicators. An integrated RS232 computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition. The benchtop EDFA series consist of different type of EDFAs for various applications such as general purpose, pre-amplifier, booster, in-line, polarization maintaining, C+L band amplification.


Input Signal Level -40 to -20dBm -40 to -20dBm
Small-Signal gain (at all operating wavelength) > 20dBm > 23dBm
Noise Figure @1550nm (Typ) 5.5dB 6.0dB
Gain Linearity @1550nm (Typ) 0.8dB 0.8dB
Operating Wavelength 1550+/-5nm 1550+/-5nm
Input Isolation > 30dB > 30dB
Output Isolation > 30dB > 30dB
Polarization Dependent Gain Typ. 0.3dB Typ. 0.3dB
Control Mode ACC, (optional:APC, AGC) ACC, (optional:APC, AGC)
Other output power models are available upon request

General Parameters

unit value
Operation Temperature °C 0 to +40
Storage Temperature °C -10 to +70
Power Supply VAC 90 – 240, 47 – 63Hz
Dimensions mm 260(W) x 330(L) x 120(H)
Control Keylock switch, optical output power
LCD Display Output power, Pump laser current
Computer Interface RS232 (Labview control software & connection cable included) / Ethernet (Option)
Protection Pump laser over heat warning
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC
Optical Fiber SMF-28


Gain Flattening Filtering
APC or AGC Control Mode
Input Power Monitoring
Benchtop or 19 inches Rackmount Housing

Ordering Information

Product Code
xx: Gain Linear in dB
y: B for Benchtop case, R for 19” Rackmount case
zz : FA for FC/APC, FC for FC/UPC, SA for SC/APC, SC for SC/UPC

Key Features

Turnkey device
RS232/Ethernet computer interface
High output power
Linear gain
Low noise figure