10G Receiver Module

Amonics' PR10G 10Gbit/s ac-coupled photo-receiver integrates a high speed pin diode and a GaAs preamplifier to provide high performance. Featuring high transimpedance coupled with a nonquantizing limiting buffer output, it provides high gain while limiting the maximum output swing, and thus simplifying the interface to subsequent stages. The unit is light weight, compact and easy to use.


10G Receiver Module
Sensitivity (10-10 BER) >-18dBm (-20dBm typ.)
Overload (10-13 BER) >0dBm (+2dBm typ.)
Operation Wavelength Range 1280nm - 1580nm
Maximum ac output voltage swing 350mVp-p (typ.)
Low/high frequency cutoff <30kHz / >8GHz
Total input noise (0.1 to 20GHz) <1200nA rms
Optical Connector FC/APC
RF Connector SMA female (K type)
Supply Voltage 9V Battery or 12VDC
Operation Temperature -5 to 70 ℃
Storage Temperature -10 to 75 ℃
Dimension 68mm (W) x 130mm (D) x 25mm (H)

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Key Features

AC Coupling
High Transimpendance Coupling
Compact in size
Wide Frequency Bandwidth
Broad Wavelength Bandwidth
Good performance cost ratio
Highly reliable and durable